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The Dark Lyricist

The Dark Lyricist

a.k.a. Lyri Tengu

a.k.a. DaLyrius

a.k.a. The Dead Poet

a.k.a Tengu

a.k.a. Crow

It all started as a stress release. As mental and emotional therapy. It was a test of mind, spirit, and body. A way to cope with the hardships we all face in life. He found a voice. He slowly found a way to change his reality. He found a calling...

He found an entrance to another world...

He doesn't do this for wealth or fame. He creates music because he must! His talent is immediately recognizable. Everything from the instrumentals to the songwriting is his own. His imagination flows like a titanic waterfall, a mighty river if you will, through every part of the musical process. 

There is no genre. It is the evolution of a person, a human being, transformed down to his very subconcious. There is no beginning or end. There just is.

Everytime you see a crow or raven, he is there. There forever till the last black feather falls... 

He holds the key to another world where anything is possible. Everytime you hear his song he opens a gateway for you to go there and enjoy the ambiance. Just watch your step, because sometimes it can get very dark and frightening in the Netherworld...

Political Hip-hop, Horrorcore, and whatever other type of music he wishes to make, Independent and Underground in your world he stands, having worked with and/or performed with a vast number of artists and entertainers. He is a MC, producer, free speech advocate, political commentator, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, poet, author, and more. But at the very heart of all he is, he is just a man. A man named The Dark Lyricist. And he is here to stay!


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The Dark Lyricist (2001) (limited release), Lifedeathorderandchaos (2003) (limited release), UnEarthed7: The Hidden (2005) (limited release), Dark Lyricist: THE MIXTAPE (2006) (limited release), The Dark Lyricist presents... WELCOME TO THE NETHERWORLD vol. 1 (2008), Netherworld Records present... RISE of the CROW (2012), Netherworld Records presents... STRAIGHT OUT THE SARCOPHAGUS (2015), MINDSCAPE (2015)

He has also been a founding member and part of the groups Paul St. Playas, SOULZ, The Dead Poets, and The Unfadables. (All rights reserved by Netherworld Records.)

He has also been featured on a number of indie/underground releases by various other artists and labels.

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Things are changing fast around here! There is a lot of great things in the works!


We are happy to let everyone know that The Dark Lyricist has begun writing a recording a brand new SOLO LP! Check back regularly for updates! 


Dark Lyricist interview live on Crow Central! 


Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!


 New Dark Lyricist Interview up on Crow Central!



 New single by The Dark Lyricist- "By the Window" featuring S.E.P. is out NOW!



New music is in the works! Brand new music is coming from Netherworld Records, The Dark Lyricist, and more!!!!!!



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